Second Swimming Lesson Handout – Free Style

swimming blue water

My second swimming lesson handout contains step by step instructions and images for the front crawl.

The front crawl, sometimes called freestyle, is the stroke most people think of when they say swimming. Your body is flat and straight, with a rotating movement around the mid-line. Your head position depends on your buoyancy. Most swimmers keep the water line between the eyebrows and hairline; however, someone with little buoyancy may have to lower the head a little to raise the hips to the best level.

You can review it the entire handout by clicking the link below.

Freestyle Handout

Baby T-shirt with vest and tie and diaper cover

Diaper Cover

I found some time this week to make the diaper cover to go with the hipster baby t-shirt with faux vest and tie.

The pattern and TUTORIAL: the perfect DIAPER COVER by DANA from JULY 6, 2008 were found on I am continually amazed at how many great ideas and directions can be found by surfing there.

As you may recall from my post last month,  I went to one of my two favorite resale stores – American Thrift Store in Bessemer, and found a pair of pants to use for the vest fabric. Turns out the pant legs had enough fabric so I could make a diaper cover to match the vest.

The tutorial instruction to “Serge off your seams” at the waist and leg openings. I don’t have a serger and didn’t like the way the fabric was laying when I folded it under, so I used some left over seam tape to finish the leg opening and waist. I didn’t have enough black to do the waist so, it is white and the leg openings are black, but once it’s on the baby no-one will know I used different colors because it’s all on the inside.

Diaper Cover

Diaper Cover

This is a very simple afternoon project – I hope I can make some more this summer.

Now the most difficult part, which baby boy gets this set?

Hipster Baby T-shirt with Faux Vest and Bow-tie

This week I ventured off the needlepoint path and created this hipster baby t-shirt with faux vest and bow-tie.

You’re probably wondering how I came up with this adorable idea; well, I’ll admit I can’t take credit for it. I was surfing around Pinterest (the web’s greatest time waster and source of inspiration) and I came across this photo:

Photo I found on Pinterest that inspired this project

Inspiration from Pinterest

I pined it to my board, and sent it to my niece telling her, “Baby Boy Borchardt needs one of these to wear when he watches his Dad play jazz.” She messaged back that she agreed, so I set off to find materials to make him one.  I went to one of my two favorite resale stores – American Thrift Store in Bessemer, and found a pair of pants to use for the vest fabric and a couple ties.

Thrift store finds

Thrift store finds

The thrift store did not have any baby onesies, but they did have a package of Hanes 2T/3T slightly irregular t-shirts so I picked those up. I figured I could practice on a larger shirt first, then move down to a tiny one.

When I got home I surfed a bit more and came across this great tutorial Baby Boy Faux Vest Onesie Tutorial. This tutorial uses a bow tie rather than an applique tie; I decided to go this route for my first attempt. I substituted a satin fabric for the bow tie since I didn’t have any suede. I only attached the vest at the shoulders and side seams to make it more realistic.

Gerber 5 pack onesies

Gerber 5 pack onesies

Once it was done, I ordered a package of Gerber Onesies so I can practice my applique skills and eventually make a couple to send to expectant family members.

I can hardly wait to use this tie applique tutorial and attach a palm tree tie to a Onesie. I’ll be sure to post photos when I get one done.

Does anyone have a little guy in need of a cute 2T/3T shirt?

Shirt in need of a boy

Shirt in need of a boy

Update April 5, 2015

The Gerber Onesies arrived. Boy are they tiny. I completed a vest and tie combo. I forgot to attach the tie first and I made it out of such a pretty print that I decided to leave it on the outside of the vest and use a button as a tie clip to attach it to the shirt. What do you think of the finished product?

Infant vest with palm tree tie.

Infant vest with palm tree tie.

I’m a bit concerned because the Onesie fabric stretched a lot more than the vest fabric. I hope they will be able to put this on the baby. Next I have to a diaper cover to match the vest. I found this easy tutorial by DANA from JULY 6, 2008. I hope to get it done before my company arrives later this week.