Cross Stitch Birthday Card

I took a day off from exercising at the YMCA so I could put together a quick card for my Aunt Vera who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday. What I thought would be a quick project ended up taking most of the day and I forgot to take a picture when it was complete, but I think you will get the idea from what I have below.

Here is a photo of the design I used for inspiration. I found it on Pinterest.

Cross Stitch design

Cross Stitch design


I stitched one daffodil and “Happy Birthday Vera” on a piece of white cotton. This would have been easier if I had some Aida cloth, but sometimes you just have to work with what’s available.


Stitching done


I glued the fabric to a note card I had on hand, then I made a note on the back indicating it was made with love by Julia. I also wrote a note inside.

Tomorrow it’s back to the Y in the morning for exercise classes, then I’ll be working on the quilt in the afternoon, unless I get distracted by some other project. You may not know this, but I do get distracted a lot.

Noah’s Ark Cross Stitch Quilt

Week three complete – Feel like I didn’t accomplish much, let’s take a look and see:

Week Three Complete

Three weeks of stitching complete


Two weeks of stitching complete

Two weeks of stitching complete

I finished the cross stitch for the giraffes and I got them outlined. I still need to add their mouths.

I started on the ark roof and realized I had used the wrong dark brown, but I think I can still make it work.

Along with working on the quilt I have been cutting fire wood and started crocheting a scarf. I’ll write more about the scarf and post a link to the directions once it is done.

Infinity Scarf Project

Infinity Scarf Project

All this activity has put a bit of stress on my body and my Carpal tunnel syndrome has flared up a bit. I’m back wearing my wrist wraps at night. As long as I wear them I don’t wake up with tingly hands, but if I forget around 2 in the morning my body reminds me and I have to put them on to get back to sleep.

Left wrist wrap

Left wrist wrap – Right one looks about the same.

After reviewing the photos I guess I did get some work done this week. I still have at least 75% of stamped cross stitch and back-stitch to do, but I think I’ll get it done on time.  I’ll keep posting updates so I know how long it takes to do a project this size, and tips I learn along the way. Subscribe to my blog if you’re interested in how this project turns out.

Thanks for stopping by! Julia (with supervision by Chopper & Dusty)


Chopper & Dusty

Chopper & Dusty supervising my work

Noah’s Ark Cross Stitch Quilt

Week two complete –  Realized I had missed some of the satin stitch, so added that and now satin stitch is complete. The instructions said to do all the satin stitch first, then the cross stitch boarder, followed by remaining cross stitch and then finally the back-stitching. I decided not to do it that way. Once I completed the satin stitch, cross stitch boarder and cross stitch for the ducks I went ahead and did the back-stitching for the ducks. Now I have a better vision of how the completed quilt will look.


Ducks – Satin stitch, cross stitch and back stitch complete

After completing the ducks I moved on to the giraffes. The giraffes have some combined color strands in them.

Combined color strands

Combined color strands – Blue and Light Blue (left), Light Green and Aqua Green (right)

These color combinations are supposed to add depth to the design. I’m not sure if that’s true but the are very pretty. I have not stitched with combined colors before but I plan to use this technique on an original design in the future.

Giraffes nearly complete

Now I still have tons of stamped cross stitch and back-stitch to do, but I think things are moving along nicely.  I’ll keep posting updates so I know how long it takes to do a project this size, and tips I learn along the way.

Two weeks of stitching complete

Two weeks of stitching complete

The quilt isn’t just eyes any more.

Quilt progress - 1 week done

Quilt progress – 1 week done


Embroidery / Cross-stitch tip of the day

It’s been a very productive week. I went to the library and picked up a couple Cross stitch books. I planned to look through them for ideas for additional projects. Last night I went through “555 Little Sayings in Cross-Stitch” by Marie Barber.


Published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. – Copyright 2000

I found a sun design I may want to do.

I like this Sun/Cloud combination

I like this Sun/Cloud combination

The book  has 555 cross-stitch sayings with color keys identifying what threads to use to create the designs, but does not give directions on completing the projects. Fortunately, I do have a background in sewing and believe I can figure out how to make some of the cute creations.

Heart Shaped pillow signs

Heart shaped door knob pillow hangers.

She did include 2 pages of General Instructions at the back of the book. The instructions cover what type of fabric to use, number of strands, finished design size (there is math involved!), preparing the fabric, needles for cross-stitch, floss, centering design, securing floss, carrying floss, and cleaning finished design.

I did learn something very helpful from the General Instructions. As you may know, embroidery floss usually comes in six strands. Most projects require 1, 2, or 3 strands in 15 to 18 inch lengths. When you separate the number of strands you need from the original bundle, the strands tend to twist rather then staying straight. Marie suggested that when you separate the strands you dampen them with a wet sponge, then recombine the number of strands required for the project. I didn’t have a sponge so I used a damp scrap of tee-shirt fabric; it worked very well. My threads did not twist together as much.

As for my current Noah’s Ark stamped cross-stitch project, on Saturday (2-28-2015) I started the giraffes. Check back Monday for photos and an up-date on the quilt project.