Keeping busy

I started this draft 10-28, but never completed it, now I read it over and see it’s all old news. What should I do with it, publish it of delete it? I guess I’ll publish and try to stay on top of things better going forward. . .

Lynn’s sick. I was going to make the Valerie Bertenelli soup, but there wasn’t any eggplant or yellow squash at Fresh and Easy so I bought their home make chicken soup for him instead.

Just keep moving. It makes a difference. Even though I could not exercise recently I was able to maintain my weight that week and lose weight the following week by watching my intake numbers and staying active (cleaning house).

Rest time is over. I’m feeling normal. I forget that I had the cancer removed until I look in the mirror or reach up to touch my cheek and notice the stitches.

More cloths fit. My bright yellow capri’s fit again, I wore them out to dinner Friday night. I can now zip up and button my favorite white capri’s but they are still to tight to wear. This is a big deal, just a couple weeks ago I was considering getting rid of my capri’s because I could not zip them up.

Halloween costumes complete. Skirt, blouse, mask, princess dress and cape. I love making costumes.

Three job openings of interest. (None worked out.)

Going to California next weekend. (Went and had a wonderful time!)