Fall – A Time for New Beginnings

Well, I’ve had a fun and busy summer.

For nine weeks this past summer I worked as a Lifeguard at the Legacy YMCA and at Camp Fletcher. I would open the pool at the YMCA at 5:30 in the morning and watch the early morning lap swimmers and the aqua exercisers. I’d leave the Y around 8:30 and drive over to Camp Fletcher where I’d watch one troop of campers (around 11 to 14 kids) play in the pool.


That’s me in the lifeguard stand, bent over my rescue tube watching Superman flying into the pool. So fun to watch!

I’d take a long lunch break, then head back to the camp to watch ALL the campers swim for a couple hours in the afternoon. Most days we had between 35 to 50 kids in the pool, but one day we had around 75 people in the pool. Thankfully, I had a couple additional lifeguards helping me keep an eye on things.

Pool group swim - one of the smaller sessions

Pool group swim – one of the smaller sessions

Unfortunately, during the afternoon camp sessions I often spent too much time bent over my rescue tube sitting very still. By the end of the nine week camp session, my body was very stiff and I’d gained five pounds.

Now that Camp Fletcher’s season is over, I’ve come up with a couple new activities, both of them things I LOVE doing. I’m going to lead an aquatic exercise class and write a monthly newsletter (YMCA Aquatic Center Newsletter August 2015). The icing on the cake – I will get paid for both these things I love to do! ! ! !

Monday, August 24 at 6:45 pm I will start teaching “Deep Water Arthritis Exercise Class“. The class is not just for folks with arthritis, it’s for anyone looking for a low impact exercise environment to gain flexibility and strength.The bonus for individuals that do have arthritis is that the deep water helps reduce the pain and stiffness in their joints, along with helping them strengthen muscles and gain flexibility. Participants in this class need to be comfortable exercising in water that is over their head. My lesson plan starts with a brief warm-up in the shallow end, then we sit astride heavy duty swim noodles as we paddle to the deep end. Once in the deep end we will do flexibility and strength training exercises and hopefully have a lot of fun. After 20 – 30 minutes in the deep water we’ll ride our noodles back to the shallow end for a cool down some stretching and balance exercises.

I don’t know if I’ll be blogging much about my craft projects (who’s got time for crafts when there are lesson plans and newsletters to write!), but I’ll do my best to post some of my newsletter articles here for those of you that don’t get to stop by the Legacy YMCA and pick up a copy of the newsletter while attending my class.

Life’s better with water!


2 thoughts on “Fall – A Time for New Beginnings

  1. This exercise class sounds like a great idea. I wish our YMCA had such a class. There used to be a noodles class, but it was in the shallower of our two pools which only goes up to four feet. I’ve actually done laps on a noodle in the deeper pool so despite my visual impairment, I’m comfortable sitting on one and doing exercises. Good luck with your class and newsletter.


    • Thank you for your support. I’ve facilitated 4 Deep Water classes so far and they have gone well. I did move the most recent class from the eleven foot depth to the 5 foot depth to accommodate a student that was not comfortable in the very deep water. It turns out if we are suspended with a noodle, we don’t have to go beyond the 5 foot mark to get our feet off the bottom of the pool. Looking forward to getting back to class tonight after taking Monday off for Labor Day.

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