Noah’s Ark Cross Stitch Quilt

Week three complete – Feel like I didn’t accomplish much, let’s take a look and see:

Week Three Complete

Three weeks of stitching complete


Two weeks of stitching complete

Two weeks of stitching complete

I finished the cross stitch for the giraffes and I got them outlined. I still need to add their mouths.

I started on the ark roof and realized I had used the wrong dark brown, but I think I can still make it work.

Along with working on the quilt I have been cutting fire wood and started crocheting a scarf. I’ll write more about the scarf and post a link to the directions once it is done.

Infinity Scarf Project

Infinity Scarf Project

All this activity has put a bit of stress on my body and my Carpal tunnel syndrome has flared up a bit. I’m back wearing my wrist wraps at night. As long as I wear them I don’t wake up with tingly hands, but if I forget around 2 in the morning my body reminds me and I have to put them on to get back to sleep.

Left wrist wrap

Left wrist wrap – Right one looks about the same.

After reviewing the photos I guess I did get some work done this week. I still have at least 75% of stamped cross stitch and back-stitch to do, but I think I’ll get it done on time.  I’ll keep posting updates so I know how long it takes to do a project this size, and tips I learn along the way. Subscribe to my blog if you’re interested in how this project turns out.

Thanks for stopping by! Julia (with supervision by Chopper & Dusty)


Chopper & Dusty

Chopper & Dusty supervising my work


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