Noah’s Ark Cross Stitch Quilt

Week two complete –  Realized I had missed some of the satin stitch, so added that and now satin stitch is complete. The instructions said to do all the satin stitch first, then the cross stitch boarder, followed by remaining cross stitch and then finally the back-stitching. I decided not to do it that way. Once I completed the satin stitch, cross stitch boarder and cross stitch for the ducks I went ahead and did the back-stitching for the ducks. Now I have a better vision of how the completed quilt will look.


Ducks – Satin stitch, cross stitch and back stitch complete

After completing the ducks I moved on to the giraffes. The giraffes have some combined color strands in them.

Combined color strands

Combined color strands – Blue and Light Blue (left), Light Green and Aqua Green (right)

These color combinations are supposed to add depth to the design. I’m not sure if that’s true but the are very pretty. I have not stitched with combined colors before but I plan to use this technique on an original design in the future.

Giraffes nearly complete

Now I still have tons of stamped cross stitch and back-stitch to do, but I think things are moving along nicely.  I’ll keep posting updates so I know how long it takes to do a project this size, and tips I learn along the way.

Two weeks of stitching complete

Two weeks of stitching complete

The quilt isn’t just eyes any more.

Quilt progress - 1 week done

Quilt progress – 1 week done



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