Why I Would be a Good Story Wrangler

I recently saw a job posting for a “Story Wrangler”. I love that position title, it sounds so rugged. The posting indicates applicants need to send a short e-mail indicating why they feel they are the best person in the world for the job. I am very interested in this job, but know I will have a terrible time writing a “short e-mail”, so I decided to write a long blog post on why I would be a good story wrangler and then do my best to whittle the post down into a short e-mail. Wish me luck!

Why I would be a good story wrangler:
I’ve loved reading all my life – for as long as I can remember, I went to the library once a week. I believed I was an extremely lucky kid because we had a library just a few blocks from our home, so I didn’t have to ask anyone to drive me there.  When I was really young my mom took me to the library, when I got older and was attending middle school, I walked by the library every day on my way to and from school. I often stopped in on my way home to return books I was finished with and check out new ones.

Recently I discovered the joy of blogging; not only do I enjoy writing about my life, but I take great comfort in reading other people’s stories and experiencing the digital human connection. I also take great pleasure in “sharing” my favorite blog posts either with my Facebook friends or my LinkedIn connections. At a job interview I was asked, “What would be your dream job?” My answer should have been “Story Wrangler” because reading and sharing what I’ve read with others would be the best job in the world.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say I’m not comfortable boasting about myself, but since no-one else can speak for me I will step outside my comfort zone and list the important “soft-skills” that will not be found in my writing or my resume that make me the best person in the world for the Story Wrangler job:

  • Passionate about my projects, my team and my company – I’m not interested in climbing a corporate ladder or getting ahead at the expense of my co-workers. I care about my team and our mission and I do everything I can so we all succeed.
  • I play well with others – when things go wrong I don’t point fingers or play the blame game. I do what I can to resolve the situation and once that is complete I assist in putting guidelines in place so the situation won’t be repeated. I believe “fire prevention” is just as important as “fire extinguishing”.
  • Committed – I’m always available to support colleagues even outside my work group.
  • I am responsive to inquires – I answer phone messages, instant chats and e-mails on a timely basis. If I don’t have the answers when I’m asked, I indicate that and let the inquirer know when I will get back to them with a follow-up response. If the inquiry is outside my field of expertise I let the person know who the proper contact is.
  • Detail oriented – when given a project I try to understand the goal from the customer and the business standpoint and list the requirements necessary to meet the goal. As the project progresses I use those requirements to stay on track.
  • Passion for learning – as a “life-long learner” I’m either learning new things through my professional career or my hobbies. I pick up new skills quickly and take pride in doing things well.
  • Self-motivated – I have good time and project management skills and take pride in meeting deadlines.
  • I adapt well to a change in priorities or in project scope.
  • I have a strong background in procedural writing as well as experience in creative writing.

In closing let me repeat I’m passionate about good web content as well as design and I love to share my finds with others; this passion would make me an excellent Story Wrangler.


2 thoughts on “Why I Would be a Good Story Wrangler

  1. Thanks for sharing this! You’d be a great story wrangler.

    Wonder why the ad states “story wrangler?” “Wrangler” implies rounding up things/beings that don’t want to be rounded up, that are difficult to deal with. Stories (to me, anyway) aren’t that hard to come by; the right words to tell those stories, though, are the problem. 🙂

    When I worked as an actor in Atlanta, one self-important theatre manager billed herself as an “actor wrangler.” Not many actors liked her to begin with, and even fewer liked her when she began using the phrase. She was one of the most difficult personalities on the local theatre scene back then; auditioning for her was a wrangle in itself.


    • Hi Rachael,
      Thanks for the endorsement. I went back to the story wrangler page today to re-read the definition; however, the page is gone, so I’m guessing they filled the position, or they have all the submissions they need.
      They do have other openings, four of which have “wrangler” in the title (Code Wrangler, Mobile Wrangler, Systems Wrangler and Theme Wrangler), so maybe they just like using that word.
      My interpretation of the opening was for someone to “round-up” blog posts that should be included on the “Freshly Pressed” page at WordPress.com. Being paid to read blog posts, and share the best ones with others still sounds like a dream job to me.
      I guess I’ll just have to keep blogging until the right opportunity comes along.


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