Two Dogs Are Better Than One

I recently read an article that advanced the theory that having two dogs (or three or more) is no more work than having one dog. I disagree, but only because I have dogs that need grooming (often) and I choose to groom them myself. If I had dogs that did not require frequent grooming I would “somewhat” agree. In my opinion, the time requirement for multiple dogs varies based on the ages of the dogs.

When you have one healthy adult dog, you have to set time aside time for his basic needs; time to feed him, walk him, take him to the vet. With two healthy adult dogs you still need to feed them, walk them and take them to the vet, so it really doesn’t take more time unless you decide to vet them on different days, (of course the vet visit takes a bit longer if you take them in at the same time).

The time requirements change if you have a puppy, a senior or a special needs dog. Puppies require extra time for bathroom breaks, training and burning off the puppy energy so they don’t destroy your home. Senior and special need dogs often require time for medication and perhaps a massage.

There are some great benefits to having more than one dog:

  • Older one trains younger one – It took me months to get my first puppy house-broken. My second dog Cadi was a senior I adopted from a rescue. She already knew she should relieve herself outside; I just needed to learn her body language so I knew when to open the door. When we got Chopper, Cadi was still in our home and when she went to the door, he followed. She relieved herself in the yard, he did too. It didn’t take long and he had the routine down just right.
  • Keep each other company – Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their family leaves them alone all day. When there are multiple dogs in the home, they have someone to play with during the day and don’t get so lonely.
  • Double the love – What can I say, having two dogs greet me at the door every night is great. Having them both try to sit on my lap while watching TV, well, that’s a bit of a challenge, but I love all that love.
Cadi & Chopper

Cadi & Chopper sharing mom's lap


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