Another week another pound

Will I make goal by Christmas? Twelve weeks to go 145-12 = 133 Crap, at this rate I’ll still have a couple pounds to go.

 What to do? Add more exercise of course. But what will I add?

 I visited a friend last week. She suggested I try out her Wii fitness program. She and her kids have been using it and really enjoy it. Nothing like having others watch you exercise to keep you honest on track. I figured, why not. I played the Wii bowling game last winter and really enjoyed it, and I was very curious how one would do yoga on that fitness platform. My first impression, wii hates me. I know, it’s an inanimate object, it has no feelings, it can’t possibly hate me, BUT IT DOES.

I did what it asked. I stood still and let it scan me. It told me my BMI was high, which I expected (I don’t remember the actual result), it told me my optimal weight would be 124 (six pounds lower than my goal), but then it went on to tell me my Wii fit age = 75, I nearly fainted. I went through the body test, hula hoop, ski jump, soccer heading and the tree (yoga pose). We all laughed at my inexperience, my poor eye hand coordination, my lack of balance. In a word, I had fun. I admit, it was a little strange holding on to the controller while doing yoga, but I think I could get use to it. I left that night promising to return and try again.

 Today I went on line to look up some information about Wii fit for this posting, and to my surprise . . . . Coming October 4, 2009 Wii Fit™ Plus

 Wii Fit™ Plus builds upon the original Wii Fit™ software, works directly with your Wii™ console to bring you a fun and exciting way to experience fitness. Get fit with over 60 activities and exercises, including over 20 new strength training, aerobics, and yoga activities.

Oh Yeah, I want this, unfortunately I can’t rush out and get it. You see, Karen reminded me, it’s October. My family has a rule that we can not buy any “fun” stuff for ourselves after the first of October because someone may have already purchased said item as a Christmas gift, and if we buy it for ourselves we will spoil their surprise. Of course today I think this rule really sucks. If I got a Wii fit now, I could ask for the “Plus” upgrade for Christmas. That way I could increase my activity level and make my goal by Christmas. Sounds rational right? But I won’t break the gift rule because, 1) I’m still unemployed and 2) my daughter would yell at me. I hate it when she yells at me, so to avoid that I will not make this purchase, instead I’ll bug my family regularly with hints of what I want for Christmas. I think I’ll start by e-mailing them this entry.

If you have not experienced Wii Fit for yourself, you can check out videos that give you an idea what to expect at youtube and/or


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