Celebrate the little victories

[picapp src=”0252/7464a8f8-b891-4756-a408-373b1a4b3695.jpg?adImageId=5717792&imageId=255808″ width=”380″ height=”269″ /]
I feel Good! My favorite around the house denim shorts fit again! It’s been a couple months since I could snap them. Being able to get into them makes me so happy. Now I’m sure the scale isn’t lying.

The past week has been interesting. I had my birthday. As a result I had to change my information in my body fat analysis scale. I received a bunch of birthday wishes from friends on Facebook, my AARP card, and lovely gifts from my daughter. She took me out for wine and pizza. We had a lovely time and I only ate 500 calories more than I exercised that day.

 I scheduled surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma growth from my face. On my surgeon’s web site I found information indicating I am to abstain from taking aspirin for a week before the surgery, and I am not to drink alcohol for 24 hours before surgery, but I’m going to discontinue alcohol now. That way I should not need any aspirin for a while. Besides, eliminating beer and wine from my diet will left me eat more.

I have to go now; it’s almost time for the season premier of “Dancing with the Stars!” I want to see who will be dancing this season, and pick the couples I will be voting for!


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