Another week – little up – little down: all the same at the end

This past week was so unusual for me. I was out of the house every day. It all started the Wednesday before (August 28) when I visited my family doctor for my yearly check-up. She noticed there was no mammography report in my chart and asked when I had my last mammogram, and I sheepishly replied 3 years ago (before I moved here and became her patient). She wrote up a mammography request. I pointed out a growth (mole?) on my face that I was a bit concerned about. She agreed, it needed a biopsy, but since it is on my face she suggested I have a dermatologist (specialist) take the sample. Lastly, I asked when we should check my cholesterol level again and turns out I needed that done too. So my week went like this:

  • Monday– Cholesterol lab drawn – Sushi and Kirin Lite with friends for dinner – I ate more then I exercised
  • Tuesday – Dermatology Clinic, I had the nurse practitioner check me over. She found 2 spots that needed biopsy.
  • Wednesday– Mammography – I found the Habitate for Humanity resale store in the same strip mall as the imaging center, so I did a little browsing after having my “pictures” taken.
  • Thursday – No more health stuff, thank goodness. Instead I accompanied a friend while she made a mystery shopper visit to Cartier in the Scottsdale Fashion mall. My first trip to Scottsdale. The mall is huge. By the time we were done our feet were sore (we wore heels and “nice” clothes so we would look like we belonged there), so a quick stop for refreshment before returning to the HOT car.
  • Friday – Lunch with Elaine and Karen at Euro Cafe. It was heavenly. I went way over my calorie limit, and I did feel a little guilty, but what a way to over indulge. Needless to say – I ate more then I exercised
  • Saturday – Stayed home, worked on my writing project, spent an hour exercising in the pool.

End result: my weight this morning (September 6) is the same as Wednesday’s low 148.2. Amazingly things are slowly headed the right way.

I only have one outings scheduled for this coming week; A quick trip to the library. The hurricane pushed through here this weekend and gave us a little rain, humidity and lower temps. I’m hoping the lower temps will stick around so I can increase my out door activity; maybe even bike to the library. I have not done that since May. I have a number of writing projects for this week, so I will have my hands busy on the keyboard and not feeding my face.

Here’s the numbers:

Statistics through Sept 5

Statistics through Sept 5


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