Ten days of record keeping

Thank you to all who have told me how brave I am for writing this blog and putting my numbers up for the entire world to see. Your comments have been very helpful. I’ve had days where I have not stayed the course as well as I would like to; but I know I’ve done better because people are watching.

This has been a very good week.

  • Landed a freelance gig
  • Reconnected with a friend
  • Had positive interaction with 3 recruiters at a Job Fair
  • Wore holes in my swim shoes and had to buy new ones

I’ve been asked to write a project vision statement.  I’ll be working on it once I get this update done. Before I even start writing I’ll be doing some research to find examples of vision statements to help me start my outline.  I’m very excited about this opportunity. It’s been too long since I’ve had a complex writing project, and this one will be complex! I’m also a bit concerned; I know that once I start researching, time flies by and I don’t even notice it passing. Suddenly I realize I’ve been sitting in my chair, staring at my monitor for much too long. My eyes burn, my tush aches and I’m starving. I think I have a solution to keep me from sitting too long. I moved my nice oscillating fan into the hallway right outside my den. There is a timer on this fan. I set it for 30 minutes, and then the fan shuts off. My office gets very hot when the fan turns off and the heat should remind me to get up and stretch and get a glass of water. I’ll let you know if this strategy works or not.

I reconnected with a friend from Kenosha. She moved out here a few months after I did. We e-mailed each other but never found the time to “get together”. Yesterday we attended a Career Fair together and went out to lunch. We had a lovely time. I ordered the lunch size Southwest Cobb Salad (it was wonderful) I didn’t eat too much; however, I probably consumed a few too many calories in beverages; oh, but it was worth it. We picked up our friendship as though very little time had passed, and I think we’ll be seeing each other frequently in the future.

While at the Job Fair I spoke with recruiters from Pearson, Green tree and Modis. All three found my skills a match for positions at their companies. They were not sure if they had any current openings, but Pearson and Green tree are growing, so they could have something later this year. Modis is an IT staffing, recruiting and consulting firm. They have new opportunities arriving daily and she thought they might have a tech writing position that I would be a good match for. If so, I’ll get a call next week. Although I didn’t get a job at the fair; I did get to practice talking to HR professionals, I got to dress up in one of my new White House / Black Market outfits, and my sagging spirits were lifted simply being out of the house.

I suppose it sounds strange my listing holes in my shoes as a highlight for the week. I look at those holes and think, wow am I glad I was wearing shoes, if not I’d have bloody feet. I’m sure I burned a lot of calories wearing the rubber off the bottom of those shoes. Plus, the replacement shoes were on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I saved $5. If you check out the link you will see that these are NOT stylish, but they are functional!

Well, I’ve rattled on enough. Here’s my numbers for this week. I’m so happy to see the downward trend. 


Record of the first ten days

Record of the first ten days


2 thoughts on “Ten days of record keeping

    • Most days, I write down everything I eat and look up the calorie count on http://caloriecount.about.com/ . However, sometimes, like last night when I had 2 or 3 pieces of three different sushi rolls, I have to guess at the calories. The web site does have a lot of restaurant items from franchise establishments, but it does not have some of the specialty items found at local restaurants.
      The exercise numbers are much easier to get right. Probably because I don’t exercise that much 🙂


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