Day Four and Five

Day Four: Another beautiful day in the “Valley of the Sun”. This morning it was cool
enough (below 90) to take my dog Chopper to Cosmo Dog Park for a 45 minute romp
with some other dogs. He picked out a cute black female about his size and had a
great time chasing her in the shallow water of the pond. When we arrived home I delivered him straight to the back yard where he stayed while I went in the house and picked up the dog shampoo and conditioner. After I hosed the pond smell off him I brought a few magazines pool side to catch up on my reading while he dried off.

I did not do any biking or aqua exercise today. Just a short walk with Chopper at the dog park.
Weight was up a bit this morning: 152.8
I’m hoping the increase is just water retention due to the salted rim of my Margarita glass from Texas Road House last night. Karen took me out to dinner to unwind and tell me about her week. We had good food and a good time.

Day Five: Over slept, kind-of. Cadi woke me a 4:30 am, she was chewing on her feet. It took 3 trips out of bed (4:30, 5:00, and 5:30) to convince her that she should not do that. The next time I awoke it was 9 am. I was suppose to meet Karen at her store between 9 – 11, so I showered quickly, agonized over what to wear, swiped on some eye-makeup and hurried to the store. I had fun shopping and visiting with one of Karen’s favorite customers. I purchased a complete outfit (cami, top, leggins and shoes) along with a linen shirt and linen shorts. After all that fun I went next door to Chico’s where I had a nice visit with one of the sales people; she gave me some insight into retail employment in the local area and what a Pharmacy Tech does.  My standard unemployment benefits ran out last week. I’m afraid I may not find work in my field (technical writing and software testing) anytime soon, so I’m exploring different options. Next week I will be visiting with the Arizona Department of Economic Security to see what extended benefits (if any) I qualify for.

Weight: 152.8 same as yesterday. I’m really trying to watch what I eat, but obviously I need to eat less and/or exercise more. I’m not going to get discouraged yet!


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